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I hate getting gas for my car.

on May 9, 2014

I despise getting gas for my car! Let me put that in caps, I DESPISE IT!! It is literally the bane of my existence. I have had this relationship of hatred (and I do not use the H word often) in connection to every gas tank of every car I have ever driven. I will do almost anything to bribe my husband to pleeeease fill up the gas tank for me. Well, truthfully I trick him into driving my car somewhere when I have left it close to empty. I know, not cool. Don’t worry I have redeeming qualities that make it worth it to stay married to me. Although I would probably file for divorce if he did it to me. Total double standard I agree. We all have our issues and this is one of mine.

I have always felt this way. Since day one of my supposed responsible car ownership. I would wait until the last possible moment to get gas, my car lurching into the nearest gas station. I would coast down hill, throwing the car into neutral, leaving the radio and fan off. Just to save the last ounce of gas. Oh, and I drew a REAL ‘out of gas mark’ on my first car, because you know, just because the needle is in the red doesn’t mean the tank is really empty. There is a reserve for a reason. My Volvo I drive now tells me how many miles I have left to go before I’ll run out of gas so I don’t need to draw that mark. But I would if I had to. That yellow blinking light doesn’t scare me. I will get gas when it’s in my plan. Which unfortunately is never.

I don’t know why I ignore the gas gauge until the last possible moment. It is the one thing I fully procrastinate doing. Yes, on purpose, like a petulant child stomping her foot. Actually I do know why. Let me lay it all out on the table for you. Ready? So, it is always raining, well 90% of the time. It’s cold, I’m late, It’s always inconvenient. I did not factor this into my daily outings and it throws off my beautifully laid plans for the day. I have to deal with the pump hose being twisted, dirty and stinky. I’ve either pulled too far ahead or I’m too far back, I’m too close to the pump or too far away. The payment screen is scratched so I can’t read what button to push, the receipt printer is out of paper. The other cars at the gas station are facing every which way with no order, swerving around each other like in a kids bumper car fair ride, while jockeying for the next available pump. There is no direction, order or rules. It is chaotic and I don’t like it. Truth, I hate it.

The one place I have found that I am semi ok getting gas is at Costco. There are beautiful traffic lanes, in nice neat numbered lines, attendants in orange well labeled safety vests monitoring the patrons. They have special towels and spray for if any gas drip clean up needs. This happened to me once with my old Subaru outback when the pump did not register that the tank was full. I was mortified but thankfully the Costco attendant ran right over and saved the day. Literally.

Ok, so I may have some control issues, I may need some therapy. I should pay more attention and just do it when it needs to be done. But until then, my dear sweet husband (and I know you’re reading this) Can you please, please, please fill my car up with gas??? It can be the only thing you get me for Mother’s Day this year, well and maybe a card 😉 I Love You! gas gage

Thoughts?? :)

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