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Friendship at first sight. A meaningful lesson.

on May 8, 2014

I just have to share this story. It’s just too sweet. So tonight I take my two daughters out to eat after playing at the park. We are dirty, sticky and smiling. One daughter has a daisy chain crown on her head, the other a daisy chain necklace. We are a picture of spring.
As we are just starting our meal we notice a little girl about the same age as my oldest outside the window, sitting at a patio table with her parents and little sister. She is smiling. Maybe she notices the daisy crown. My daughter shyly smiles and waves back. The little girl gets up and moves closer, she is all smiles, her eyes sparkling. Mine waves back still also smiling. “She likes my flowers”, my daughter says. Child mind reading, like only kids can seem to do. As we keep eating this smiling and waving game goes on, and on, and on. Then the outside girl is pressed up to the window. She is trying to say something, but we can’t hear her. The other restaurant patrons both inside and outside have noticed this exchange. The girls have gathered quite an audience. Then suddenly the little girl runs back to her table and quickly returns with a sign that says, “You are so sweet. From Anna”. We quickly make a sign that says “Thank you. From Nora.” Now they know each others names! Excitement! More smiling, more waving, and lots of giggling. Now the outside the window girl Anna’s little sister has joined in along with my littlest.
The tables around us are smiling and laughing watching this friendship form between four little girls, separated by a window. They are touching hands with the glass between, smiling and holding their signs. I keep peeking at the parents outside hoping this is ok. They are also smiling.
It was actually really sweet, so pure and innocent that no one around us was saying a thing or giving any sort of disapproving glances. An older couple even commented how entertaining it was to watch. Like a free Hallmark made for TV movie unfolding before our eyes. It seriously was that cute.
After we finish eating Nora asks if we can go meet Anna for real. She is so excited when I say yes. She goes running outside right into the open arms of her new friend Anna. Hugging and laughing ensue. Conversation starts flying. “I’m five”, one says. “Me too”, says the other. “Look Mom, this is my new friend Anna.” “Yes dear, she is very nice”. I’m chatting with the parents and the girls are acting like they’ve known each other their whole lives. Laughing, chatting and climbing the rails of the restaurant walkway.
Our daughters are exactly the same ages, five and three. The dad says, “they are so alike, only different. You must go through the same issues as us.” I laugh, “yes”. He says, “oh, I meant joys”, with a chuckle. We laugh some more. What we both know about raising two daughters two years apart has bonded us. We moms exchange phone numbers already planning a play date since we also know that these two girls were destined to be friends. The girls hug goodbye and a new friendship has been cemented.

This scenario could have played out much differently. The ‘old me’ the non-meaningful mommy would have been worried about what people would think of my daughters standing on the booth seats smiling and waving to the little girls outside. She would have been asking the girls to sit down and pay attention to their food, not to what was outside. She would have rattled off the proper restaurant manners and what was expected when we were in public. She would have been too hurried to go out and meet the other girls in person. Worrying about the fact that she had no make-up on and wasn’t freshly showered. Obviously in no condition to meet new parents. But this new more meaningful mommy did none of that. I pushed ‘that’ mom aside and just went with it. I let the scene play out on its own, being present and just waiting to see what would happen. I was not let down. My daughters smile said it all. As we left my daughter skipped out to the car singing, “I made a new friend AND she lives on a BOAT!”… oh did I mention that the family we just met lives on a boat at the marina where this restaurant was. I had met actual adventure parents! I was proud of myself and it felt good 🙂

Meaningful lesson learned from two 5 year olds: Friendship doesn’t have to be so complicated. If you click with someone just go with it. Just smile and be yourself and you will attract exactly the friends you need. I also learned it’s good to stop worrying about what may happen, because you might be pleasantly surprised at what does. ❤

Thoughts?? :)

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