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Where there is a will, there’s a way. Pause and take a closer look.

on May 3, 2014

A wall. An immense towering un-scalable wall. I can’t even see the top. Completely smooth at first glance. Marble, I think. Cold, hard and grey. It looks unrelenting, daunting, and hmm…challengeable.

I step up to it. I put my cheek against it. It is cold at first, but then as I leave my cheek there it begins to warm until the temperature of it and my face feel the same. My energy has joined with the energy inside the wall and I feel energized. Re-charged.

I step back and look at it closer. The grey isn’t really grey. The stone is white, with streaks of black, flecks of silver and even a few ribbons of pink. Amazing really. Not one color as I originally thought but many distinct very independent colors.

I reach out to touch the woven tapestry of colors expecting the slick smoothness of a well polished stone. But it’s not smoothness I feel, but texture. I feel some faint cracks and slight grooves. I can actually wedge my finger tips into some of them.

I lean back and look up. The wall is tall, but not insurmountable. I think about how maybe I could actually climb this wall. I just need some tools. An arsenal of climbing tools, instructions and a teacher. I gather these close and we stand at the bottom of the wall. Ready.

This is my vision of life. At times our first glance shows an image that makes us think of the impossible. Too cold, too hard, too grey. But with a caress, its coolness warms, with a touch, a connection is made, a closer look and beauty is seen, and with some tools, the unfeasible becomes wonderfully possible.

Thoughts?? :)

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