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My Garden from Wasteland to Wonderful!!

on April 30, 2014

“If you want something done you better do it yourself.” This is something I have heard many times but never really thought about. I mean, yeah, of course you have to do things yourself. Oh but that means a bit more than I took to heart. You see, I have a lot of ideas. Big plans. Creative vision. But….there is always that pause. Hmm….I seem to think that I need someone to help me, or that someone could do it better, or…so I wait and I wait and I stew and NOTHING gets done. I get resentful. Why doesn’t my husband have time for my big projects? Oh, he’s at work for 10 hrs a day. So what. My retired parents could help me. What they retired so they could relax and do their own thing. Again, so what. Ok, it’s not my husband or my parents or anyone else. No really, the person I get most resentful at is myself. Geez, I’m no good at the blame game.

I AM capable of great things. We all are. I know it and you know it. We just have to decide to DO IT. My new focus on being meaningful, living intentionally and presently has me thinking a whole new way. I have this life and I better not waste it sitting around dreaming up plans and then expecting them to just happen. By the hands of someone else.

Case in point, my yard. I am lucky, we have a pretty big yard. Lots of room for my girls to play, our dog to run around, and space for me to plan what I would do with it. I had a big plan. To turn this…

old yard/ garden beds

…into a garden area with multiple beds, woodchips around them, growing our own food and teaching my girls how to plant and grow a garden. There would be veggies, berries, and flowers. It would be amazing!! I have had that dream for a long time. But up until last week that picture is what my side yard looked like. A blotchy not grass weed infested overgrown waste land of unused space. It made me crazy. But it was always last on the list of things that REALLY needed to be done or fixed around our home. So there it sat. There I sat. Both disappointing and disappointed.

But last week I decided to grow some balls (lol), roll up my sleeves and just get it done! I covered that horrible non-lawn with landscape fabric. I ordered 14 yards of woodchips and spread them, I used our old deck wood (yes, we save that sort of thing to re-purpose) to build some raised beds (oh yes, I got right up and personal with an electric screw driver) and I went to Lowe’s and bought plants and organic soil. I worked hard. I was a sweaty, blistered mess. But I am proud to show this picture of my yard today.

new yard

It may not be professionally landscaped but it has my sweat and tears (thankfully no blood was shed or I would have added that) and is beautiful, functional and no longer the wasteland it once was. My girls and I are out there daily, watering, checking, talking, inspecting and smiling in the yard we created. I am proud of that yard and myself.

new garden

*Disclaimer: To be honest my husband did help a little but it was maybe 15% at most and I’ll give my two daughters about 2% 😉

2 responses to “My Garden from Wasteland to Wonderful!!

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