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Reading, Writing & New Bloggers Syndrome.

on April 28, 2014

I dream blog titles and new posts. They run through my dreams like a newsreel. Inspirational quotes, life stories, funny situations, kid fodder, projects, pets, adventure… I have a notebook for ideas. I have gone as far as actually waking up in the middle of the night to write down ideas. I added the WordPress app to my phone and it has become more frequently visited than Facebook. My stats… visitors, views, followers, referrals, clicks, totals and shares. I don’t know yet what half of these mean, but I check often.   I am constantly thinking about what I can write about.  I have an obsession to post. And check stats. And research and read.  My left eye has developed a slight twitch.

I have joined a top mommy blog network and become a mumsnet member. I read other blogs. I read freshly pressed. I am humbled. I have found more wonderful writers and content than I knew could exist. Amazing blogs about travel, photography, food, politics, business, parenting, autism, depression, addiction and grief. Families, psychology, gender, religion, art, literature and life. Beautifully haunting openness and honesty. Laugh out loud humor related to life’s mishaps and its humanness. True stories of recovery, self discovery and hope. Visions of people, places, and cultures. Thank you.

Then the blogs about blogs, blogging and bloggers. As a new blogger with my first blog I really appreciate the blogging community. The sharing of information about the blog world is impressive and vast. Thank you. And the readers. Taking the time to read what I write, liking a post or deciding to follow my blog. I am grateful. Thank you.

The blog world has opened my eyes to so much of what is meaningful in the world. The wisdom, hope, struggle, and success. The pain, the joy, and the faith. The talent, the knowledge and the culture. The people. I am hopelessly hooked. Happily reading and writing, eye twitching. Thank you.








4 responses to “Reading, Writing & New Bloggers Syndrome.

  1. blondeusk says:

    Good post! Blogging has also opened up my eyes. More productive than spending time trawling through Facebook…

  2. petcorps says:

    Love your sense of humor! It’s amazing what you can discover when blogging and reading others’ blogs.

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