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My 136 pound lap dog…our life with Lacy a Gentle Giant

on April 24, 2014

Lacy Lap dog
A comprehensive list of the pros and cons of living with a Saint Bernard 🙂

Pro: you feel like you are on a parade while out for the daily walk
Con: it takes a lot longer when you are stopping for dog Photo ops

(I make sure I look presentable before heading out for walks with Lacy)

Pro: They sleep a lot
Con: They are really heavy breathers

(You get used to what you imagine someone breathing heavily in your ear would sound like…from across the room)

Pro: They are very soft & fluffy
Con: After petting them so are you

(Buy cases of clothing rollers @ Costco)

Pro: They'll eat almost anything
Con: They want to eat almost anything, at anytime, all the time

(Buy cases of treats, they LOVE treats, again Costco is great)

Pro: They don't mind getting their teeth brushed
Con: You will have your whole hand in what looks like a bear trap

(If you are worried about losing a finger they can have their teeth professionally cleaned)

Pro: They really like affection
Con: They can knock you down when requesting your affection

(Master the art of body blocking)

Pro: They are very smart
Con: Also very stubborn and will sit in protest

(Don't try to pull them. It will not work. Just walk away)

Pro: They are people dogs
Con: They have no idea they are GIANT

(They will act like a lap dog if they want to and back up and literally sit next to you on the couch)

Pro: They will love you unconditionally
Con: You know your heart will break when their time ends

We adopted Lacy from a local animal shelter. She is 8.5 yrs old. Saint Bernard's typically live 8-10 yrs so we know our time will be shorter with her but we want to make her last years the best she has ever had ❤

We are completely in Love with Lacy. We support and highly recommend rescuing a shelter pet, but hold a special place in our hearts for the seniors.

Lacy &Audrey

Thoughts?? :)

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