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A pallet garden project… “yard food fun!”

on April 24, 2014

Today we made our first pallet garden.

'Yard Food'

‘Yard Food’

Here is what we did 🙂
1. Find a pallet, best to find one that is heat-treated and not fumigated if you are planning to grow food. (My husbands dad works at a boat yard so he brought us a few. Grocery stores should have them in the back as well)
2. Go to a store and buy 4 bags of gardening soil. (We bought Greensmix 100% Organic Blend planting mix) also purchase what plants you want to based on the number of rows in the pallet. We bought strawberries, butter lettuce, Romaine, Red Leaf lettuce, head lettuce and Arugula.
*You will also need garden fabric paper (we get ours at Costco) so if you don’t have any, buy this too.
Time to get the pallet ready 🙂
3. Staple the garden paper down the back and bottom of the pallet. I used a regular stapler and some nails. This seemed to be fine. (probably a construction stapler would be better but I couldn’t find one in my husbands tool nest). I also added a couple boards across the back of the pallet over the paper to help reinforce it.
4. Lay the pallet fabric side down.
5. Open the bags of soil and dump them in. My girls loved this part. Fill all the spaces in between the slats with the soil taking care to pack it into the bottom. (*important if you plan to stand the pallet up you don’t want you plants to slide down)
6. We started by putting in the plants in the bottom row packing them in tightly so the soil can’t fall out.
7. Repeat the up the pallet doing the space above. We found at each slat we had to make sure the soil was pushed down under the slat below to hold the plant in better.
8. Pack in the soil around the plants and then lightly water.
9. Leave the pallet a few weeks for the roots to take.
10. Stand up and lean against a wall, fence, railing or build feet for it to stand alone.

My daughters and I had a great time making this today. They were filthy by the end and very happy. We plan to make another one with flowers. Purple flowers to be exact (according to Audrey).

I have attached a link to more detailed directions, complete with step by step pictures, that I looked up after the fact of building ours. I had heard about this from a friend and I just went for it. Direction free. It’s do-able that way too. Be creative!

Also a link to landscaping with pallets 🙂

2 responses to “A pallet garden project… “yard food fun!”

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