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Sleep…. shmeep…counting sheep…

on April 22, 2014

Ahh…sleep. How little I really knew about its importance. Did you know that adults should have between 7.5-9 hours of sleep!! AND that every hour you get behind you stock up in sleep debt that has to be replenished?? Geez! For me, add not sleeping enough in my twenties, to not being comfortable enough to sleep when I was pregnant, to not being able to sleep a full night since having my children I probably owe myself at least 37,461 hours of sleep. 😉

Any sleep loss affects energy, mood and our ability to handle stress. Why do kids usually breakdown? Because they are tired! Why do mommies (or anyone who is sleep deprived) usually break down? Because they are equally tired! Most people understand about having an exercise program and nutritional diet to stay healthy, but why the lack of importance on sleep??

For me, at night, or during my girls nap time is my ‘quiet’ time. Time for me to blog, check facebook, look up information, read a book, oh and laundry, clean, do the dishes, plan meals, sign up the girls for activities, pick up toys….never sleep. Why? Because I thought all the things listed above were more important to a happy well-run home. Problem is, when I’m over tired my mood is horrible, I have a hard time concentrating and I don’t get things done. Know the feeling?

So here I am, taking a stand for SLEEP!! The much-needed but often missing ingredient to living a meaningful life. I pledge to do my best to consciously give sleep the importance it deserves. To treat sleep as an equal to healthy eating and exercise. I will repay myself my sleep debt hours a few at a time creating the most optimal functioning meaningful mommy ❤

Here is a link to a wonderful article about the power of sleep, myths, facts and relative information.

Here's to happy sleeping!! ~Megan

2 responses to “Sleep…. shmeep…counting sheep…

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