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Mommy is on the edge….

on April 22, 2014

Tonight my husband came home from work took one look at me and offered to finish fixing dinner and do bath time… I must look bad, like the kids ate too much sugar which of course is entirely my fault plus it was raining and cold so they couldn’t run it off outside and the foam craft purse making project from grandma was too complicated causing tears of frustration and finally mom relented and put in a movie BAD. You know those days. The on the brink ready to just tip into insanity days.

As I sit listening to the tears coming from the bathroom during the hair combing and drying production I am so glad it isn’t me in there. I would have lost it. There are days where you have to just know your limits and today is my day. I know I’m over tired. Holidays and family visits and long drives to get there will do that to me. I need time to breathe.

I plan to help read the girls their bedtime stories, tuck them in, kiss their sweet equally over tired faces and then lay down next to them and promptly fall asleep. I’m not sure who will be first, them or me. Good-night & Sweet dreams ❤

Thoughts?? :)

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