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“As you Live, Love, Listen & Speak, be Meaningful.”

on April 19, 2014

The art of being meaningful is hard. It takes intentionality and a constant look inward at the value behind action. It takes patience and reflection. It takes work.

Some days I am very good at this and I applaud myself at the end of the day feeling I have made a positive difference in the lives of people around me. Knowing that I have added to the life experience of my children, husband, family, friends, strangers and myself.

It might be intentionally smiling throughout the day (I have to make a conscious effort to do this as my relaxed face is not naturally holding a smile), it means thinking before I speak, making sure that there is positive value behind my words, and taking stock of the real importance behind my actions and decisions.

Some days I am not successful at being meaningful. I find myself looking indifferently towards the people around me, I speak before thinking, snapping at my husband or my children, criticizing instead of empowering. I make rash decisions and purchase unnecessary goods and rush around adding inflated importance to errands of the day. On these days I feel my anxiety rising, my increasing dissatisfaction about everything around me  and I know I need to slow down.

To just take a moment and breathe. Pause and restart. Listen to my heart and its need for meaningfulness. When I do this I feel the calm and peace envelop my space. I see those around me clearly with love. My words and actions become intentional and once again I am a Meaningful Mommy ❤


Thoughts?? :)

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